• The Writer – Mindy Kaling
  • Director – Jason Reitman
  • A brief synopsis – Toby is back, much to Michael’s horror.  Pam is, too, and she is tired of seeing messes in the microwave.  Jim is buying his parent’s house for Pam.
  • The best line – Oscar: [reading from a note on the microwave] “To whoever made the microwave mess: the microwave is a shared kitchen appliance. By not cleaning it up you are basically telling whoever follows that their time is less valuable, as they will have to scrub out your disgusting splatter. Sincerely, disappointed.”
    Andy: That is just obnoxious.
    Oscar: No kidding.
    Pam: Yeah. Wait, what, the mess or the note?
    Oscar: The note. So “holier than thou”.
    Angela: Hmm, I liked it.
    Pam: Don’t you think the person who left the mess is the obnoxious one?
    Andy: No, the note is way more obnoxious than the mess.
    Meredith: Sincerely, disappointed? Get off your high horse, Richie.
    Pam: Just because someone likes things clean, doesn’t mean they’re rich.
    Meredith: Yeh, they’re rich.
  • The best moment – It takes a week for Michael to realize that Toby is back.  Classic.
  • The best storyline – Jim, the hopeless romantic, showing his parent’s home to Pam, which he bought for them.  The whole thing is deliriously wonderful.  Especially when he shows her the Art Studio.
  • Notable guest appearance – Toby’s back and the house that Jim was raised in.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – Yeah, that frame up would have gotten him fired.
  • Grade – A-

Jim and Pam are incredibly sweet.  Toby is the cause of all Michael’s ills, and the staff’s reaction to Pam’s note over the microwave is nice.  Ryan ditching Kelly for Thailand is very good for both.  Mainly, though, it is nice to have Toby back.

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