Why I no longer shop @BestBuy

Today, September 5, 2015 is the last day, according to the rules on the above card, that I am "guaranteed" to pick up my pre-ordered Steelbook copy of Mad Max: Fury Road. Right there on the back of the card it says: "Mad Max: Fury Road Blu-Ray Steelbook will only be guaranteed through 9/5/15." So … Continue reading Why I no longer shop @BestBuy

Mad Max: Fury Road (****): Same glorious road, different driver

Of the films, this is the one I enjoyed more than any, outside of Thunderdome. For a series that is such complete and all out high octane, they keep going down the same road over and over. Unlike George Romero's zombie films, or Scorsese's real crime repeats, the craft is getting more refined with each trip. And unlike Spielberg tinkering with E.T. or Lucas messing around with the original Star Wars movies, these films feel more organic, instead of messed with. It's like a painting that grows in one's esteem as it ages. Don't be fooled, though. This painting is closer to Dogs Playing Poker than it is to The Last Supper.