The Office is the best sitcom I have ever seen, in the fact that they have and incredible ensemble of funny and real people and are not reliant upon one person for the punchline.  Seinfeld, Barney Miller, News RadioM.A.S.H. and The Simpsons all have approached near perfection at times, but no one show has identified with regular Americans so routinely as has the collection at Dunder-Mifflin.

In a true sense of respect for the show, I am adding a new section to the site, dedicated to reviewing each episode.  Each review will include:

  • The Writers and Director
  • A brief synopsis
  • The best line
  • The best moment
  • The best storyline
  • Notable guest appearance
  • Grade

This is all done in the spirit of respect.  This show is incredible and I feel like it was written by people just like me, who have been places just like me.  As usual, this forum will work best with you interacting.  If you agree or not, please let me know.

In order to see the reviews, go to the Home page, look >right> at the “Choose Review Category” header and then right below, you can select reviews by season.

Before we get started, the cast:


  1. What episode did ryan and jim have a conversation about New York. I believe it was in the end credits. It goes something like:
    “The city is so alive. You just wouldn’t understand.”
    Jim says “I think I – ”
    “No Jim, you really don’t understand.. its like.. you just cant explain it”
    “I think I have an ide-”
    “No its like, there are no words, you just wouldn’t understand.”

    • That’s a great question. I spent much of the morning searching but I can’t find what episode it’s from. I am pretty sure it was season 5.

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