Fantasy Island (**1/2) almost comes true

The two teenage girls I was with love this film. It is more than enough for one whose range of experience with movies is less jaded and more exuberant. For this viewer, it's an average trip, less remarkable than pleasant.

Gretel and Hansel (**) Mephistopheles is not your name

The dread / fascination with and of Krige feels more like a weekend spent with a widowed aunt who just can't wait to tell you her recipe for fruitcake.

Birds of Prey… (****): On their knees for no one

"...Yan and Hodson strike a nice balance between feminine wile and Deadpool comic brutality. The film might seem derivative, were it not for Robbie's complete absorption into the humor and brutal comic lunacy of Gotham without Batman looming. "

Rambo Chronology: Blood and Putz

Come for the rankings, stay for the White Douchebag analysis.

Mother (****1/2) is responsible

Bong is one of the best directors of his time, as evidenced by this year's Parasite. His form is exceptional here, as he is able to strike every resonant chord of truth and still keep enough of a mystery for the viewer to hope.