The Gentlemen (****) enjoying the familiar

"If one knows and enjoys Guy Ritchie, this movie will not disappoint. It may not break any new ground, but it still feels fresh."

Winchester (***) takes a grain of truth…

It's a training wheels ghost story. The house may deserve better, but we will need to suffice with Dame on a vacation.

Netflix Circle (***) is sped up sociology

We deal with many societal aspects: racism, sexism, orientation, ageism. Points are made in a rush, because they only have a minute to vote. Then boom. Gone. On to the next angle of persuasion.

1917 (****1/2) is never really gone

This film is exceptionally filmed and performed. It's a necessary reminder that war is for keeps and not at all glamorous, even if the effort is a beautiful effort to save 1600 lives.

Little Women (*****) paddle their own canoe

There are so many moments that inspire tears in Little Women. These tears are happy as well as sad. They are a reminder that life is short and it's the quality of life that matters. In controlling their reactions to challenges, Jo and their sisters begin to own their stories. It's our luck that they allowed us to share in the glory of their lives. This is one of the year's best.

Bombshell (****) lands solidly

"Which brings me back to Roach. He's biased, one can see he's basically a fair story teller. The desire to give a balanced and honest assessment is essential to understanding the old ways we are leaving to the new world yet to come. Carlson and Kelly want the same things for their daughters as I want for mine. "