Just Getting Started (*) is an early retirement

#justgettingstarted I don't think this was scripted. I don't even think it was improvised. I am pretty sure it was just boredom. See this film only if you can't live without seeing Russo in everything.


Tomb Raider (**) feels like an audition

It's hard to say who this film is marketed towards. Croft is muscular and angular. There are almost no curves. Teenage boys who played the first game are old enough to have grand kids playing the game now. Not sure which of the generations need to feel pride in the accomplishments of a scrappy Croft who is not as sure of herself till just before the credits roll.

The Strangers: Prey at Night (**1/2) not too hard

If this film catches the viewer at the right time, it could be effective. The best thing about the first film - the hapless victim stuck in a place where they should feel safe - is absent this time around. Instead we have running, screaming, house to house hiding, scare, then repeat. Not great, but it beats working.

The Florida Project (*****) is the scariest movie ever

Moonie, her life is a fragile bubble that could pop at any time. Or she could learn to live like this, relying on the good will, mercy or silence of others to subsist in a life that is dishonest to us but just plain life to her. 

Day of the Dead: Bloodline (no stars): In the spirit of Romero

Back to Romero and his legacy. The producers who were behind Texas Chainsaw 3D made this film the way they did to keep as close to the spirit of his work. In this respect, they are close to the mark. Romero didn't make that good of films either, even if he did have a decent imagination.

Mute (*) is doesn’t have enough to communicate

Netflix is pushing out a lot of stuff that is not being picked up other places. They are grabbing a lot of properties and talents that are on a downward swing. If they keep this trend up, they may need to change the name of the company to Developed Hell. 

Game Night (****) is great in how good it is

It’s early in the year, but so far, this is the best comedy. I haven’t laughed at  a film considered a comedy in several years. Let’s hope this is the start of a trend.

I Don’t Have A Vote: The 90th Annual Oscars – Great Year for Film, Not Politics

"Hugh Jackman had a great year, with The Greatest Showman and Logan. On the latter film, he does the near impossible in creating an unbreakable character who is finally driven to the point of breaking. His work with Stewart is some of the best of both of their careers. He should have been rewarded for this."