The Invisible Man (****) See right through you

Whether or not they choose to build on this film, there is an opportunity here. This film feels like an Iron Man type achievement. No one was expecting a movie like this would actually be as good as it turned out.

Twins (***) for a time when average comedy had a place

As for Reitman, this movie is right in the middle of the road, for his work. It's not nearly as good as Dave, Stripes, Ghostbusters or Kindergarten Cop, but it's not nearly the shitscape of Junior, Six Days, Seven Nights or Evolution. There is fun here, and a little bit of talent. There's a whole lot more typical '80's bland movie making.

Orphan (***) the only thing unexpected is the brutality

We get the absolute creeps from Esther's relentless mowing through one character after the other, innocent or not, knowing what it is she ultimately has in mind. Still, there is not enough here for more than a mild recommendation.

Birds of Prey… (****): On their knees for no one

"...Yan and Hodson strike a nice balance between feminine wile and Deadpool comic brutality. The film might seem derivative, were it not for Robbie's complete absorption into the humor and brutal comic lunacy of Gotham without Batman looming. "

Rambo Chronology: Blood and Putz

Come for the rankings, stay for the White Douchebag analysis.