Forgotten Gem: Jackie Brown (*****) – Robert Forster lives on

The ending sends chills through me every time. Especially today, knowing that the end of El Camino is the last time I will ever see the deep story told within the eyes of Robert Forster.


Forgotten Gem: Heat Director’s Definitive Edition (****) Slick

If you watch one Michael Mann film, make it The Insider. If you want to see a second, try Heat.

Forgotten Gem: The Limey (*****)

"This is one of Soderbergh's best. Coming directly from Out of Sight and just before Ocean's 11, it's easy for The Limey to get lost in the shuffle. Don't let too this one pass you by. "

Forgotten Gem: McCabe & Mrs. Miller

The cruelest irony in the final shot is that one can win, even they don't know all has been lost already.

Joker (****1/2): King of Tragic Comedy

"It's not the best film of the year, but it's better than I had expected by a long shot. This is the best DC film since The Dark Knight. I hope that they find some way to tie it into the DCEU. "

This Child’s Play (**) should have been left in the box

This will likely be the last Child's Play not played by Brad Dourif for me. Based on the Box Office compared to budget, they may squeeze a few more of this iteration out, but the results with be diminishing.

Rambo: Last Blood (***1/2) In pain ’til I die

Sylvester Stallone understands the concept of little victories as well as anyone since Tom Laughlin brought Billy Jack into town the first time to fight for everyone who wouldn't. Unironically, it was hippies he was protecting then. Flowers in the gun barrel didn't work as well as kicking ass back then, either.