Another Look: Galaxy Quest (***1/2) still good, almost great

If only the scriptwriters could have done more to punch up the story to match the superior acting talent, this might be a classic.

Criterion: Snow Trail (****) – Mifune’s debut has another star

It's Shimura who steals this story, though. His performance connects the viewer to the humanity of some of the fiercest combatants of the Western world in a format we all can relate to, no matter the barrier.

Another Look: Natural Born Killers (No Stars) still deserves the Golden Sombrero

The real conspiracy is, with the editing style and stupid storytelling, people just don't like watching a bad film. Well, maybe some people. The Columbine killers code named their attack "NBK."

Another Look: True Romance Director’s Cut (***1/2) is Tony Scott overriding Tarantino

The result is a good, not great first script. There are two fantastic moments and many good ones to boot. It's not much more than that, even as Tarantino's legend rises beyond what anyone imagined.

Nightwatch (**1/2) – Looks better than it is

The only other film I have seen of Bernedal's is The Possession, which is a wholesale improvement. He is able to concentrate on atmosphere and leave the script to someone else. One can see the connections between here and there. I would prefer to be there.