• The Writers – Warren Lieberstein & Halsted Sullivan
  • Director – Paul Lieberstein
  • A brief synopsis – Someone has leaked out about the problems with the Sabre printers and Jo visits the branch to rat them out.  As several people were actually guilty of doing this, they ask that Michael run interference.  Dwight looks to buy the building they all work in.
  • The best line – Michael: [on Youtube video] There is nothing wrong, nor will there ever be wrong with any Sabre printers. Case closed. [phone rings, Michael picks it up] Michael Scott, as seen on TV.
    Todd Packer: [high-pitched voice] I saw you on the news and I want to pinch your tiny wiener… [normal voice] It’s Packer!
    Michael: OH! Pack Man, I thought you were a girl!
  • The 2nd best line –

    Sounds like you were as blindsided by this as I was.


    Toby: Well, that’s…
    Jo: And we didn’t find anything on your computer.
    Toby: Good.
    Jo: Except this. [hands stack of paper to Toby]
    Toby: Oh, wow, this is, uh, just a mystery novel that I’ve been working on.
    Jo: I know what it is. I skimmed the first chapter. I’m just curious, why would a man who hates people want to have a relationship with a maid?
    Toby: Oh, uh, I don’t know, uh…
    Jo: The way I look at it, there’s only one of two reasons. He knows a secret about her that she doesn’t know herself, or he wants to use her services to mop up after a murder.
    Toby: Oh… yes.
    Toby [To Camera]: Write your own damn novel.

  • The best moment – The above 2nd line is a pretty sweet homage to Misery.
  • The best storyline – Dwight buying their building?  I’m all in.
  • Notable guest appearance – Packer!  Steals the show with one line!
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – In Jo we trust.
  • Grade – B+

Not a strong base story, but executed well.  Nice to have Jo back in any capacity.  Great lines throughout, but a leak as the main storyline has little heft.    Looking forward to Season 7 being Michael’s last, as I am hoping to see him develop a bit before leaving.  But, then, the lack of development is really the best reason for him to move on.

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