• The Writer – Mindy Kaling
  • Director – Amy Heckerling
  • A brief synopsis – Michael goes against his (and most companies’) policy not allowing solicitation within the branch by letting an incredibly beautiful girl sell purses in the conference room.  The result has Dwight and Michael falling over themselves to make an impression.  Meanwhile, Michael blows a $1000 gift to the top salesman on a Starbucks Espresso maker.  Roy and Pam get into a dispute and when they make up in front of Jim, the lovelorn salesman decides to make a move on the hot girl.
  • The best line Michael: I do. I read Small Business man. I also uh, subscribe to USA Today and American Way Magazine, that’s the in-flight magazine. Some great articles in that. They did this great profile last month of Doris Roberts and where she likes to eat when she’s in Phoenix. Illuminating.
  • The best moment – Michael and The Temp (Ryan) cleaning out Michael’s car in anticipation of his pending “date.”
  • The best storyline – Jim deciding he’s had enough waiting for Pam and moving on.
  • Notable guest appearance – Amy Adams is absolutely the definition of the “Hot Girl.”
  • Grade – A-

Risk taking by breaking out of the Jim fawning for Pam rut and placing the shoe on the other foot, this episode, which is the first of Mindy Kaling’s excellent writing efforts, successfully interweaves many plots elements and pushes many buttons that are unexpected (Dwight asking someone out?) but should be pushed.  Amy Heckerling shows a deft touch and Carell is not so obviously moronic.

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