• The Writer – Larry Wilmore
  • Director – Paul Feig
  • A brief synopsis – Michael is assigned to give the entire crew their reviews as he obsesses about his recent emotional involvement with Jan.  As a result, many of the interviews become sessions in counselling over his relationship questions.  Meanwhile, Dwight somehow got the impression that it is Friday instead of Thursday, thus setting Jim and Pam on a mission to make sure that he continues to think this through the next day.  Jan comes to do Michael’s review, prefacing it with a request for him to present his new ideas.  This gets Michael on a quest to get the old suggestion box going again, which he presents in a meeting with predictable results.
  • The best lines – Michael: How ’bout the suggestion box? There’s tons of ideas in there.
    Pam: What suggestion box?
    Michael: The suggestion box that I put out, and people could be put in suggestions anonymously? Maybe there’s prizes?
    Pam: Oh, yeah. Uh, I think I remember that from back from when I first started.
    Michael: Why don’t you find it and tell people to get theirs… never mind, I’ll tell them. Hello, everybody? Yeah, uh, attention, please. Jan Levinson’s coming, very soon, and so, we’re going to have our weekly suggestion box meeting, so you can all get your constructive compliments in a.s.a.p.
    Ryan: Don’t you mean constructive criticism?
    Michael: What did I say?
    Kelly: You said “constructive complements”; that doesn’t make any sense.
    Michael: Well, Kelly, that was neither constructive nor a compliment, so maybe you should stop criticizing my English and start making some suggestions. ‘K?
  • The best moment – Michael realizing that Dwight is late after Dwight claims it never happens, thus culminating Pam and Jim’s plans to a rousing success as Dwight scrambles out of the car claiming that he is there as he gets dressed.
  • The best storyline – Dwight’s day “off.”
  • Notable guest appearance – None
  • Grade – B

This is an episode as uncomfortable as life, and occasionally more funny.  Only occasionally.  Michael’s flippancy towards reviews just goes beyond believability, and the awkwardness with Jan in front of everyone is just too much as well.  Dwight, Jim, Pam, Stanley and Kelly bring this episode to average.


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