• The Writer – Ken Kwapis
  • Director – Greg Daniels
  • A brief synopsis – Michael books a “Booze Cruise” for the crew and is informed by corporate that he needs to make it a motivational opportunity, and they have made sure it will be so by having the corporate lawyer come along.  Michael’s attempts to inspire the group go predictably awry, when he crosses the ship’s captain.  Jim brings Katy (Amy Adams) along and they sit next to Pam and Roy.  After getting drunk, Roy hears something that inspires him to set a wedding dat publicly to Pam without consulting her.  Distressed, Jim breaks it off with Katy and then goes to talk with Michael, who is locked up on the outer deck due to a hilarious speech about the ship (he means Dunder Mifflin) sinking.  Once there, Jim informs Michael that he has a thing for Pam, and Michael is absolutely surprised by this.
  • The best line – Michael: Leader… ship. The word “ship” is hidden inside the word “leadership,” as its derivation. So if this office is, in fact, a ship, as its leader, I am the captain. But we’re all in the same boat. Teamwork!
  • The best moment – Captain Jack coming back from a liaison with Meredith once Michael gives his inspirational speech as Meredith trails behind, wearing a strategically placed life preserver.
  • Bonus second moment – Jim tells Michael the secret we all knew.
  • The best storyline – Jim and Pam’s twists and turns, going into deeper waters.
  • Notable guest appearance – 2 (count ’em): Amy Adam’s Katy comes back, just to be dumped mid-cruise, and Captain Jack, played brilliantly by Rob Riggle.
  • Grade – A-

Another great episode acted brilliantly by Carell, Krasinski and Fischer.  Rob Riggle’s Captain Jack gives a perfect counterweight of someone with more authority and zaniness than Carell.  Too bad he has not been back since.  Slight drawback given for the Dwight piloting the ship ruse.  Wilson plays it with the right amount of enthusiasm, but Angela not telling him how foolish he is does not pass the sniff test.

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