• The Writers –Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky
  • Director – Dennie Gordon
  • A brief synopsis – Eager to prevent Michael from revealing his “secret” crush on Pam, Jim goes to Hooters with Michael to break it down.  Michael, who already let the cat out of the bag, takes it as a sign that they are best friends, and although he tries to mitigate the damage, just works his way further into the hole.  For his part, Dwight decides to take Oscar’s calling in sick as a sign that he was trying to just take the day off.  After prepping for a couple of hours, he finally goes out to find that Oscar was indeed skipping, to go out skating and shopping with his…boyfriend.  Dwight just understands that he caught Oscar skipping, and he bribes him into owing him a really big favor.
  • The best line – Dwight: Guess what I found out about Oscar tonight? He was lying about being sick. Should I have reported Oscar’s malfeasance. Hmm, probably, but now I know something he doesn’t want me to know. So I can use his malfeasance to establish leverage. Otherwise, it’s just malfeasance for malfeasanceses-ses sake.
  • The best moment – Easily it is the interchange between Oscar, his boyfriend and Dwight.  Classic ham acting.
  • The best storyline – Oscar being revealed as gay in the most believable version of a gay character on mainstream TV.  It really is not flaunted everywhere.
  • Notable guest appearance – Oscar’s boyfriend, played by some guy who I can’t name in real life but he is “Gil” on the show.
  • Grade – A-

Near great groundbreaking episode, again giving depth to a peripheral character, this time, Oscar.  His reveal as a gay man adds depth to the show and provides another topic to ponder as we go over the endless permutations of Jim and Pam crushing.  The show is on such a roll, even retread is working.


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