• The Writer – Justin Spitzer
  • Director – Julian Farino
  • A brief synopsis – Michael’s back from Jamaica with Jan, and he inadvertently sends pictures out via email to prove it.  Jim has a minor dispute with Karen and Pam helps them resolve it, much as it hurts her to do so.  It’s inventory time, and Michael, flush with his love of all things Jamaican, makes the party planning committee throw a Jamaican party for the workers.
  • The best line – Michael: OK, Hey, man, how’s it going?
    Darryl: All right, what’s up Mike?
    Michael: That’s great, OK. Um, so did you get an email from me?
    Darryl: Yup.
    Michael: OK. Well, that was supposed to go to Packer, not “packaging.” Did you already, um, forward to a whole bunch of people?
    Darryl: Uh huh.
    Michael: OK. Um, well, did you get the second email that I sent? Explaining that the first email was a mistake and that you should delete it.
    Darryl: Yup.
    Michael: And you sent that out to everyone?
    Darryl: Mike, I’m very busy down here. [eats chicken]
  • The best moment – Michael, talking with Packer, mistakenly sends a picture of himself with a topless Jan to Packing email address.
  • The best storyline – This is Michael’s episode, free and clear.
  • Notable guest appearance – Packer is always notable.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – I am pretty sure he would have.  And Jan might have been fired.
  • Grade – A-

This is a great episode, helped along with interactions with the warehouse staff.  Michael is in good form, especially the scene where he calls Pam into his office to hear him recite “Hot, Hot, Hot.”  The scenes involving other  staff are so frequent at this point, the enterprise is entirely organic.  Extra points for the great cold open scene involving Dwight and the recorder.


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