• The Writers – Michael Schur, Lee Eisenberg, and Gene Stupnitsky
  • Director – Greg Daniels
  • A brief synopsis – Oscar is back, and Michael is going out of his way to not make anything about his sexuality.  After a few rough patches, he actually finds some solace (misplaced though it may be) in Angela.  Dwight is gone (to Staples) and Andy has taken his place, along with an annoying new office persona.  Constantly hounding Michael, he is wearing out his welcome and actually makes Jim miss Dwight.  After trying to get Karen and then Ryan to play a prank on Andy, he finally asks Pam, who, to Karen’s dismay, is more than happy to do so.
  • The best line – Jim: Hey, Ryan?
    Ryan: What?
    Jim: You wanna pull a prank on Andy?
    Ryan: Not right now, but ask me again ten years ago.
    Jim: I liked you better when you were the temp.
    Ryan: Yeah, me too.
  • Second best line – Dwight (to a woman interviewer in a pink-laden office): How would I describe myself? Three words. Hard-working, Alpha male, Jackhammer, Merciless, Insatiable.
  • The best moment – Dwight takes the broom from Oscar, and when Kevin tries to cover his eyes, says, “I won’t be needing that” and proceeds to beat apart every Piñata in the office.
  • The best storyline – The Nard dog flips out.  Who didn’t see that one coming…well, actually, I don’t think anyone saw him pounding through the wall with his fist.
  • Notable guest appearance – All those people at Staples.  So normal.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – I actually think he might have been fired for saying anything to Oscar about his sexuality at this point.
  • Grade – A

Great to have Dwight back and Andy goes out with a bang, literally.  Oscar’s situation is handled way better than Gay Witch Hunt, and thankfully they did not dwell on it.  The train wreck hits with a small scene in the third act.  Expecting more drawn out pain, in little slices.


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