• The Writer and Director – Greg Daniels
  • A brief synopsis – Michael is living with Jan, who is wallowing in the misery of being fired.  Jim and Pam are officially “single.”  Kevin is obsessed with finding out if they are a couple.  On his way to work, Michael hits Meredith with his car in the parking lot.  While there, they find that she may have contracted rabies from being bitten by the bat, raccoon and a rat, on separate occasions.  Through logic that only he can understand, Michael decides to start a fun run.  Tragically, Angela’s cat is “discovered” dead by Dwight, who was asked to feed her just once.
  • The best line – Angela: Pssst. I’m having relationship problems. And since you’re always having relationship problems, I thought you’d be able to give me some advice.
    Pam: What’s wrong?
    Angela: I have this crazy thought, that I know is crazy. That maybe Dwight killed my cat.
    Pam: Hmm…
    Angela: When I got home, Sprinkles’ body was in the freezer where Dwight said he left her, but all my bags of frozen french fries had been clawed to shreds.
    Pam: Ah.
    Angela: Something’s not right. The vet’s doing an autopsy.
    Pam: Angela, I’m sorry.
    Angela: Did Roy ever kill one of your cats?
    Pam: I’m more of a dog person.
    Angela: [sighs]
  • The best moment – Meredith sprawled across the car.
  • The best storyline – Dwight and Angela…on the rocks.
  • Notable guest appearance – None, per se.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – Something would have been on his record for hitting Meredith, and I just can’t see the Fun Run ever happening, with all the staff off at the same time in the middle of a work day.
  • Grade – B

The episode is another mix of the very good and the not so good.  There are several moments of extreme inspiration: Dwight firing a real gun at the start of the race; Michael eating a fettuccine Alfredo before the race; Jim and Pam finally being Jim and Pam; Kelly Kapoor at the finish line; Jim’s looks at several of Michael’s lines; Dwight with Sprinkles.  It’s all nearly undone by a hackneyed Michael run amok.



  1. I actually love this episode. My favorite was Andy’s chaffing, bloody nipples. Oh, and the end when Jim stops Pam and gets down on his knee…only tie his shoe.

    • Good moments one and all. I guess I was really letting Michael get to me by that point. Still, I did give it a “B” so it really does work overall.

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