• The Writer – Jennifer Celotta
  • Director – Ken Whittingham
  • A brief synopsis – Ryan is launching the Dunder Mifflin Infinity website and Michael thinks that he is invited to attend in person.  He gets about half way there with Jim when it is revealed that his invitation says it’s for the online party.  Dwight, meanwhile, grieving over the split between himself and Angela, takes his grief out on the site…and beats it in a competition for sales.  Pam and Jim decide to play a trick on Dwight in the process.  Phyllis looked up methods on dealing with difficult people so she can work with Angela on the office’s version of the launch party, and has varying degrees of success.  Michael heads back to the office and insists on making it a party there.
  • The best line –
    Kevin: Isn’t 7 pm a little late for a lunch party?
    Angela: Lunch party? It’s supposed to say launch party! What is wrong with you?
    Phyllis: Angela is worse than usual lately, and we have a party to throw. So I Googled how to deal with difficult people, and I got all of this. [whispering] So we’re gonna try out some new things today.
    Phyllis: So how do you feel about the fact that the banner says lunch?
    Angela: I feel angry. Angry at you. Angry at you for doing something stupid. Angry at me for believing you could do something not stupid.
    Phyllis: I’m so sorry to hear that, that must be awful.
    Angela: It is awful. You’ve made this day awful!
    Kevin: Maybe you could just change the U into an A.
    Angela: Then it would say lanch party, Kevin. Would it really be better if it said lanch party?
    Michael: Ohh, lunch party.
    Angela: It’s supposed to say launch!
    Michael: Okay, wow! Easy, booster seat, nobody cares about this party anyway.
    Angela: I care!
  • The best moment – Pam, seeing that Dwight is suffering, admits as the computer that Dwight is the superior being, which, in his state, is of little consequence.
  • 2nd Best Moment – Darryl comes to the defense of Kelly’s honor.  Darryl and Kelly are on.
  • 3rd Best Moment – Pam and Jim on the roof.
  • The best storyline – Dwight versus the computer / Angela versus Phyllis.
  • Notable guest appearance – Kevin McHale from Glee plays a rude pizza delivery driver taken hostage by Michael and Dwight.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – I am pretty sure that charges would have been brought up on the kidnapping of the Pizza Boy.
  • Grade – A-

Like many episodes this year (because of the strike), it was about an hour episode.  This made for many good moments and a little more Michael than usual.  Fortunately, Michael is muted somewhat by the rest of the goings on.  Pam and Jim are handling their coming out with aplomb.  Andy’s moving in Angela is a sweet moment that he has deserved for sometime.  Dwight, however, is fast becoming the best thing about the show.  And that is saying something.


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