• The Writers – Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky
  • Director – Paul Feig
  • A brief synopsis – The employees of Dunder Mifflin Scranton are in a weight loss contest with the rest of the branches in the company, and Dwight has taken it upon himself to ensure victory.  Pam is on her way to New York to take classes for her career in graphic design, and the office is running through temp receptionists until they find a familiar replacement.  Michael and Holly are moving forward, so slowly due to Michael’s hangup with Jan.  Stanley, meanwhile, is on his own mission.
  • The best line – Angela: Listen, dummy! It’s not that hard. All you have to do is take the numbers from the sales report and type them into a master spreadsheet. A G.D. monkey could do it. I do not understand why you can’t do it.
    Holly: No! You do not talk to him like that!
    Angela: But he’s an idiot!
    Kevin: Hey!
    Holly: He is not an idiot!
    Kevin: Thank you, Holly.
    Holly: He is mentally challenged. But he’s doing a super job here.
    Kevin: Wait, back up. Do you think that I am retarded?
    Holly: Well, no. Dwight…
    Angela: Oh, Holly, that is very offensive.
    Holly: I’m sorry.
  • The best moment – Dwight dumps Phyllis off at an abandoned warehouse where she is forced to walk 5 miles to get back to the office.
  • The best storyline – Michael and Holly.
  • Notable guest appearance – Ronnie is quite memorable, as is the funny guy at Pam’s college, played by Rich Sommer
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – For hiring Ryan back, undoubtedly.
  • Grade – A-

Fun episode with many loops and entanglements, such as when Michael has an unexplained goatee in the middle of the episode with no explanation which is later explained by when we see Ryan again.  Holly is magic for the show, adding some necessary comic tension.  This is an episode, actually a two parter, that features almost everyone equally, to good effect.  Then there is Jim and Pam, getting engaged.  The show is a master of letting moments be special on their own, without hammering it over your head with music and schmaltz.

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