• The Writer – Brent Forrester
  • Director – Randall Einhorn
  • A brief synopsis – Michael is sent on a business trip with Andy and Oscar as kind of consolation for losing Holly.  Pam is failing at art school and would have to stay an extra 12 weeks in New York.  Ryan wants to steal Kelly away from Darryl, until he finds out Darryl has no problem with that.
  • The best line – Michael: Guys, she’s in there.
    Andy: Engaging wings [imitates mechanical sound]
    Oscar: I’m probably going to leave after one drink.
    Michael: Let’s do this.
    Andy: Yeah with a hot slab of Canadian bacon in your hand.
    Michael: [goes up to concierge from the hotel] Excuse me, hello. Concierge Marie. Michael Scott. Good to see you again.
    Marie: Good to see you.
    Michael: Um, this is my associate uh, from Dunder Mifflin, uh, Oscar Martinez.
    Oscar: Nice to meet you. [shakes Marie’s hand]
    Marie: Oscar.
    Michael: Works in accounting. This is uh, concierge Marie…
    Oscar: Yes.
    Michael: …who works at our hotel. You look, how do you say, radiant tonight.
    Marie: Thank you.
    Michael: And it is, how do you say, a beautiful night—
    Oscar: Michael, why?
    Michael: She’s foreign. I am–
    Andy: For Madame et monsieur. [hands Michael and Marie a glass of wine]
    Michael: Oh, thank you.
    Andy: You’re welcome.
    Michael: Thank you, Andy.
    Marie: Thank you?
    Andy: Let me get a picture of you guys.
  • The best moment – Tie between Andy and Oscar drunk dialing Angela and Oscar making Andy realize that he did indeed drunk dial Angela.
  • The best storyline – Andy and Oscar make a good duo.  I enjoyed their scenes more than any in the entire season.
  • Notable guest appearance – How you say, Concierge?
  • Grade – A

A champion episode made that way primarily for Oscar and Andy’s adventure in Winnipeg.  Jim and Pam are back together, Kelly and Ryan are back together, and Michael is realistically suffering, oh, and Darryl is now free.  I love Kelly Kapoor.


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