• The Writers – Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky
  • Director – Paul Feig
  • A brief synopsis – Oscar helps Michael discover a surplus in the budget.  The staff then battles to decide how that budget will be spent.  Dwight, Angela and Andy go through wedding prep, during which Dwight provides a surprise ritual.
  • The best line – Dwight: Have you made a decision on the butter sculpture?
    Angela: No. I haven’t thought of it.
    Dwight: Okay. Cow, goat or sheep. It’s not that hard.
    Angela: I would like cat.
    Dwight: Cats don’t make butter.
    Angela: I would like cow butter sculpture of a cat.
    Dwight: It doesn’t make any sense.
    Angela: Yes it does!
    Andy: Okay, guys!
    Angela: I want a butter sculpture of a cat!
    Dwight: Cow, goat or sheep.
    Andy: What is this? All right, we’re all on the same team. Is it- [steps in manure] Damn! Why is that in the kitchen?!
  • The best moment – When Dwight has a “practice,” non-English ceremony.
  • The best storyline – The debate is a pretty good all-inclusive storyline, but one can’t help but agonize for Andy.
  • Notable guest appearance – Dwight’s relatives are always a welcome surprise.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – I kind of doubt it.
  • Grade – B+

A good episode, that works out the kinks and get everybody involved.  I love seeing Oscar lead a group versus Pam, while Jim and Pam are at loggerheads about the same issue.  Michael as a tool is used effectively here, limiting his stupid actions to a predictable few.  Dwight, Angela and Andy won’t last long like this, and the tension is unbearable.

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