• The Writers – Aaron Shure
  • Director – Paul Lieberstein
  • A brief synopsis – Michael is waiting out his two weeks notice, and by working, we mean drinking, messing around, beginning to formulate his own company.  The latter of which gets him ushered out the door with nothing.  When he tries to come back in and convince some folks to come with him.  He gets one taker to leave.  Pam takes on the challenge of getting a copier to work, and succeeds, but realizes its significance.
  • The best line – Kelly: So you should be heading back to your desk.
    Angela: Okay. Bye Charles. Well you’ll let me know. Good bye.
    Kelly: She’s such a special person. And she’s turning 50 this year.
  • The best moment – Dwight and Michael compete for excuses on why not to join together in business.
  • The best storyline – Michael starting a company in a failing industry.
  • Notable guest appearance – None
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – He did.
  • Grade – A-

Good momentum here, watching Michael start meandering his way into the future.  Jim is still getting ridden by Charles, and still being competed for by Angela and Kelly.  Watching Dwight step away from Michael is sweet, after all the years of being stepped on.


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