• The Writer & Director- Mindy Kaling
  • A brief synopsis – Michael taps a reluctant DeAngelo to co-host the annual Dundies awards show.  Erin has finally had enough of Gabe.
  • The best line – Michael: Anything can happen at the Dundies! [DeAngelo laughs] They’re like the Golden Globes but less mean. And I just want all of us to have a good time!
    Dwight: Just a little announcement folks, remember, the Dundies is a black tie affair.
    Michael: Black tie optional.
    Dwight: Every day is black tie optional!
    Michael: A la, tonight we will be hosting at Louie Volpies!
    Kevin: Nice! [rest of the office looks excited]
    Phyllis: I love their breadsticks!
    Pam: Oh, their breadsticks are like crack!
    Ryan: I love when people say like crack when they’ve obviously never done crack.
    Pam: Well the breadsticks are like what then, Ryan, what can I use?
    Ryan: I don’t know, something from your world. The breadsticks are like scrapbooking.
    Pam: You’re right, you’re right. I’m a middle class fraud. [Jim does his “Jim face”]
    Michael: Shh, shh! Okay, okay. Everybody’s right. They’re like breadsticks on steroids. Right?
    Ryan: Yeah that’s great.
  • 2nd best line – Jim: [Jim and Pam are walking outside] I just don’t understand the desire to push sweet potato fries on me, and not just regular fries.
    Pam: Yeah… [they see Erin eating in her car, and ducking when they see her. Pam knocks on her car window] Hey, Erin, everything okay?
    Erin: Get away from the car, he’s gonna see you.
    Jim: Who’s gonna see us?
    Erin: [desperately] Just get in! Get in! Just get in!
    Jim: Get in the car? [Jim and Pam get in the back seat]
    Erin: Please! Sorry. Get in. [Jim and Pam are confused and worried] Sorry sorry sorry.
    Pam: What’s wrong?
    Erin: I eat lunch in the car now. It’s my alone time. It’s just nice to have some time away from Gabe.
    Pam: Why don’t you wanna eat lunch with your boyfriend?
    Erin: I, really don’t like spending time with him.
    Pam: Don’t you think it’s better to tell him the truth now? You know, rather than waste more of his time?
    Jim: I think I’m gonna go.
    Pam: What?
    Jim: I think you got this. Kay? [Erin nods] Alright. Feel better!
    Erin: Thank you Jim.
    Jim: [to the camera] I’m sorry, that just wasn’t interesting to me.
  • 3rd best line – Michael: [Outside of the restaurant, obviously sad] So that is how it ends. My last Dundies ever. I was hoping it’d be more like Godfather Three. That rapped up the whole franchise in an extremely satisfying way. But instead it is like Godfather One! That was, very confusing, had maybe three big laughs. Oh well…
  • The best moment – The entire Dundies sequence is magnificent, not a missed beat, but when Gabe ambles up onstage and shows his broken heart, only to be given the sound of crickets by Dwight, I thought I would die laughing.
  • The best storyline – The Dundies are their own reward, but yay, Erin is breaking up with Gabe!  Go Andy!
  • Notable guest appearance – Wil Ferrell and HRG.
  • Would Michael have been reprimanded? – Well, they get kicked out of a restaurant.
  • Grade – A+
If this episode does nothing else, it shows that Mindy Kaling is the absolute best talent in the entire show.  This is by far the best episode of the year.  There are so many classic moments, so well-timed and hilarious.  Everybody shoots and everybody scores.  This is one of the top episodes in the show’s history, and a fitting send off for Michael, especially with the song at the end.


  1. Hey I just wanted to correct you on one line, It makes it so much funnier when you know what she actually said.

    Ryan: I love when people say like crack when they’ve obviously never done crack.
    Pam: Well the breadsticks are like what then, Ryan, what can I use?
    Ryan: I don’t know, something from your world. The breadsticks are like scrapbooking.
    Pam: You’re right, you’re right. I’m a middle class broad.

    Instead of broad, she actually said fraud.

    • You are absolutely correct, and thank you for the catch. I did the whole season in about 2 weeks to get ready for season 8 and I would not be surprised if I missed another word or two. I don’t know what I must have been thinking to miss such an easily understood line. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me and, in essence, improve the site.

      Take care and I hope you enjoy the rest of the site.


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