• The Writer – Charlie Grandy
  • Director – Matt Sohn
  • A brief synopsis – DeAngelo is having a series of meetings with a certain group of men in the office that seem to be benefiting from being in that group.  Dwight, refusing invites to the group, is unimpressed with DeAngelo.  Jim, taking prodding from the rest of the group, decides to say something.  Next meeting, he is out and Andy is in.
  • The best line – Jim: [looking at resume] Uh oh, this former administrative assistant misspelled “administrative” and “assistant.”
    Darryl: The winner: under “Special Skills,” Mr. Don Feiner put “Juggling.” [laughter]
    Deangelo: What’s wrong with juggling, Darryl? I’m a big juggler. I actually perform a motivational juggling routine.
    Jim: Seriously?
    Deangelo: Oh yeah. I’d do it for you here, but uh, what would you say this room is, 300 square feet? 320?
    Gabe: 320. Just freeballin’ it.
  • 2nd best line – Erin: [Deangelo enters office in hospital gown with bandage on his head] Deangelo?
    Deangelo: [speaking gibberish] Tablab.
    Jim: Oh my God, are you alright? Erin, will you call 911 please?
    Erin: Who should I say is calling?
    Jim: Erin
  • 3rd best line – Angela: Of course you do, Jim. You’re a man. Deangelo is a huge sexist.
    Andy: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I think if he was sexist, I’d be able to tell. I took a crapload of women’s studies courses at Cornell. And I wrote my own companion piece to the “Vagina Monologues” called the “Penis Apologies.” So I know a thing or two.
  • The best moment – Dwight telling DeAngelo to tell his “whore” (new administrative assistant, Jordan) to leave him alone.
  • The best storyline – Poor Andy, just wants to be part of something.  Like Kevin is.
  • Notable guest appearance – This will be Ferrell’s last appearance for a while.  New Executive Assistant, Jordan, is played by the plainly beautiful Cody Horn.
  • Would DeAngelo have been reprimanded? – Not as yet, but eventually.
  • Grade – B-
The first episode without Michael is a lot like many of the episodes with Michael.  The main difference is instead of Carrell’s puppy dog ways, we have Ferrell’s insane dog ways.  This is good enough for one episode, I suppose.  I am not sure what they are going to do with Jordan, who seems to be doing exactly what Erin is doing.  Overall, the experiment was never intended to last, and as a short-term solution, he was just fine.  There are no real stand out moments in his tenure, aside from the classic “Dundies” episode, which was going to be wonderful with or without DeAngelo Vickers.

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