• The Writer – Justin Spitzer
  • Directed by – John Krasinski
  • A brief synopsis – Everyone does some dreaming when the entire warehouse crew win the lottery and quit.  Andy and Darryl are then forced to look for new staff while working out Darryl’s frustration with recent events.  Dwight, Kevin, Erin and Jim do some manual labor.
  • The best line – “I did.  I did have a fantastic basement.  Now it smells like Tacos.”  Darryl
  • The best moment – Andy gives his best managerial performance yet as he battles Darryl’s attitude with reality and a willingness to show confidence in him despite Darryl’s apparent lack thereof the other way around.
  • The best storyline – Andy and Darryl again.  This is good stuff.
  • Notable guest appearance – Many different applicants for the warehouse job, only Nate stands out, because all those sounds just kind of jumble for him…
  • Grade – A-
Andy gets a real chance to prove his mettle, and he does well, while staying consistent to his character.  His willingness to jump into the fray of problems and show vulnerability as well as competence is a pleasant upgrade from the Michael days.  This is a different side, but it is what we’d hoped for.  The story line is ironically humorous, with the staff winning big and taking off all at once, but it doesn’t make any more sense than the backwards way 4 grown ups who can’t figure out how to move a pallet of paper.  The result is goofy, sure, but kind of funny.  It would be stranger if any of them showed competence.

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