• The Writer – Carrie Kemper
  • Directed by – Randall Einhorn

    Ellie and Carrie Kemper
  • A brief synopsis – Erin is organizing the Halloween party, in hopes to spark something with Andy again.  Andy, hoping to keep Robert impressed, changes the party from “PG to PG13,” much to Erin’s dismay and confusion.  Jim battles with the notion that his wife Pam believes in ghosts.  Dwight strikes up a totally Dwight friendship with Robert’s young son, Bert.
  • The best line – “When they talk about all the nice things about dating a co-worker, they don’t mention one of the best parts. After you’re done dating, you still get to work together.  Every single day.” — Erin with just the slightest hint of irony.
  • 2nd best line – “I grew this party up real fast.  Get out of here, little kid party.  Nobody loves you.  And clean up your room!  Grown-ups are going to use it later!” — Erin, again, just the slightest hint.
  • The best moment – Meredith, at the Royal Wedding.  Just because we didn’t see it doesn’t make it any less delicious.
  • 2nd best moment – Ryan’s assessment of Dwight’s costume.  Whoopi.
  • The best storyline – I love Erin.  I hope Andy does too.
  • Notable guest appearance – Robert California’s son, Bert, played by…
  • Grade – B-
As much as I love the idea of an episode written by the sister of Ellie Kemper, as shown by the quoted lines above, this episode falters just a bit.  Part of the problem here is how Robert California fits in.  They seem to want to make him some sort of being seen as superior by all staff: like some sort of anti-Michael.  Thing is, Michael was revered by some, ridiculed by others and accepted as okay by even others.  Robert’s character would benefit if some of the cynical geniuses of The Office (read Darryl, Jim, Stanley and, at the very least, Oscar) would roll their eyes when he performs some of his BS soliloquies.  There doesn’t need to be a rebellion, or obvious disrespect, like there was with Stanley and Michael in Episode 63.  I would just given anything for someone to get back to work or lose interest, the same way he loses interest in them.  The entire staff is set to look like Erin, and that is not great.  Erin does benefit from her sister’s authorship, and I am hoping that Andy’s 31 dates is some sort of code that Erin and the rest of the viewers just don’t understand now.  Dwight and Bert California is a decent routine, but this about the 31st character to come along and “earn” Dwight’s respect.  Jim and Pam’s discussion of ghosts is, eh, so so.  All told, even a mediocre episode of The Office this year beats anything with Michael’s character over the last few years.



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