• The Writer – Allison Silverman
  • Directed by – Matt Sohn
  • A brief synopsis – As Pam is training a temporary worker to take her place while she is on maternity leave, she starts to suspect that Jim thinks she is cute.  She gets Dwight’s support to prove this contention. Robert asks if he can sit in with Andy, Darryl and Kevin’s band, and then enlists a gaggle of local musicians to take their place.
  • The best line – Anything regarding Dwight’s opinions of Pam attractiveness, Pam’s pregnancy and its effectiveness on her attractiveness.
  • 2nd best line – Val: Not bad fellas. You’re better than you look.
    Kevin: Hey screw you!
  • The best moment – Dwight sparring with an old guy over the blood pressure monitor.
  • The best story line – Dwight and Pam, working together for no good reason.
  • Notable guest appearance – I love Val, who made her first appearance in the last episode.  Kathy (Lindsey Broad) is Pam’s Replacement…she hasn’t been there long enough to leave an impression, except for the one hoisted upon us.
  • Grade – B+
A major step up from most efforts this year.  The reason is simple: Dwight needs to be unsympathetic to be funny.  Pam takes a break from being emotional and enlists the help of the one person in The Office who is not interested in sparing feelings and they strike gold.  Also, it’s great to see the realization by 3 characters, (4 if you count the prescient new warehouse employee, Val), that Robert is kind of a jerk.  The result is a smooth flowing episode with many good lines.  This is what I wanted with The Office, post Steve Carell.


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