• The Writer –  Robert Padnick
  • Directed by – Jeffrey Blitz
  • A brief synopsis – In hopes of motivating the group, Andy decides to take them to Gettysburg.  Those who stay behind are subject to Robert’s quest for originality.
  • The best line – “I thought you said you weren’t going to look back.” Dwight to Andy, walking away from the group and hoping they would follow.
  • The best moment – Jim finally dropping the sarcasm entirely and telling Andy why the idea of going to Gettysburg sucked.
  • The best story line – Dwight versus Oscar, for historical accuracy, and Oscar wins!  Schrute farms, home for “Dandies.”
  • Notable guest appearance – Just a bunch of other tourists wandering to and fro, wondering where the comedy went.
  • Grade – C+

A decent idea, which really seems to have been a carryover from the Michael years.  The idea that your manager comes up with a bad idea to motivate is definitely not new.  The fact that this episode plays as poorly and as unfunny as one of those ideas is sad.  There are way more misfires than actual hits in this episode.  The subplot with Robert falling under the spell of Kevin’s knowledge is a real stretch after this many episodes.   This is the same show that brilliantly handled that idea with Holly in under 2 episodes.  The writing, I fear, is the main culprit.  Too many opportunities are being wasted with each episode not written by Mindy Kaling, Justin Spitzer or any of the other good writers of the past.  The show will always be worth watching for the rich characters it has produced.  These characters need something to do besides sitting around looking bored.

As a side note, this is listed as the 160th episode of the show, and, I suppose, when you consider syndication, that would be true.  I don’t count hour long episodes for 2, however, which is why I come to what I consider a more accurate number of 146.


  1. The splitting of the office I felt allowed some characters to have a moment. Now whether the “moment” was good vs great is debatable I still liked that it happend.
    Question? During the presentations who was the gall sitting frontside left of him?
    Robert and Kevin? I liked this moment and how Ryan sabotaged it. Robert is an outside the universe thinker and with that hasn’t built much repore with other cast members other than Andy, Dwight, and Jim. I felt it belivable, humerous and left it there!

    • I am with you on splitting them up. The answer to your question is that she is the person who was the subject of the Pam’s replacement episode last week. Her name is Kathy, and Pam is worried that Jim thinks she is hot. The Robert and Kevin segue is an intriguing idea, but it had nothing going for it past his initial statement. The whole line about the cookies named after females was a hard sell, and to me it took the thunder from Ryan’s move.

  2. Ahh, Kathy. She didn’t look the same but yes I remember and that makes sense.
    Robert and Kevin segue! I agree to disagree here. Robert is spending so much time trying to find out what is going on in Kevins head that he is missing that NOTHING goes on in there. Making it a typical Kevin moment added with New character Robert. Overall the episode failed in many areas! Quick chuckles but left me confused and wondering what is coming down the pipeline

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