• The Writers – Halsted Sullivan and Warren Lieberstein
  • Directed by – Brian Baumgartner
  • A brief synopsis – The staff still in Scranton stay late to catch up on the accounts of the folks who are in Tallahassee.  Dwight and Packer fight for the affections and the VP Position offered by Nellie.  Jim tries to resist the advances of Kathy, who invites herself to his room.  Darryl is confronted by Val’s boyfriend.  Ryan thinks about taking advantage of Erin.
  • The best line – Pam: Oscar thinks having a dog is just like having a baby.
    Angela: News flash!  If you didn’t carry it around in your belly for 9 months, it isn’t your kid.
    Pam: Exactly.  Unless, of course, you adopted.
    Angela: That is where we disagree.
  • 2nd best line – Dwight: Can we  at least eliminate those who are not in the running?  Free them up, to focus more completely on the menial.  Like stacking, and sorting, or…
    Jim: Catching butterflies.
    Dwight: N-n-n – That’s a hobby unless it’s for food.
    Jim: Theater.
    Dwight: N-waste of time.
    Jim: Dragging…
    Dwight: That’s just a verb.
    Jim: Dragging sticks?
    Dwight (pumps fist): Yes! Nice!  Perfect!  Dragging sticks…
  • The best moment – Daryl telling Val the true meaning of “…”
  • The best story line – Let’s go with Darryl and Val.
  • Notable guest appearance – Packer! Oh, and Catherine Tate as Nellie Bertram.
  • Grade – C

Not a bad episode, but far from a great one.  The Jim/Kathy angle was worn out before it even started.  Everyone knew Jim is too perfect for it…so we just had to wait it out.  Ditto for Ryan and Erin.  Stanley as a philanderer is getting old.  Some good work turned in by Kelly Kapoor on Darryl’s situation, however.  Why is it always better when she is involved?  Darryl is really starting to bring it home with Val.  Packer 2 episodes in a row is tough, although it is good to see how evil Gabriel Susan Lewis can be. Nellie Bertram can leave at any time.

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