• The Writer – Steve Hely
  • Directed by – Ed Helms
  • A brief synopsis – Andy and Erin make their way back from Florida with a stopover in southern Pennsylvania to break up with Jessica.  Nellie is down after her move into town.  Robert orders the group to throw a party for her.
  • The best line – Andy (with Erin at a bachelorette party): Do you want a gummy penis?  Erin (perplexed and slightly repulsed): Uh.  No.  I’ll just have some gummy bears?  Andy: These are delicious.  Erin: But, they’re penises…
  • 2nd best line – Creed: Everyone get comfy now.  This first song’s over a half hour long…(later to camera) Best gig ever.  They asked me to play only originals.  I said have you heard my originals? They’re terrible.  They said “Even better.”  I said I get it.  It’s an ironic party for Nellie.
  • The best moment –  The sideways hug that Andy gives Jessica after the breakup, complete with faux grunt.
  • The best story line – Nellie is given somewhat a sweet background story.  Not much, but it fleshed her out just a bit.
  • Notable guest appearance – Jessica and Nellie.
  • Grade – B+

This is actually kind of a sweet episode.  I was all set to get rid of Nellie.  I wasn’t ready to care about her a bit.  They pull that off, and give Erin and Andy a decent first kiss.  There are several really good moments that go into the episode, and the writing is solid throughout.  This is how good life can be after Steve Carell.  I could watch this kind of show for decades, literally.

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