• The Writer – Warren Lieberstein, Halsted Sullivan
  • Directed by – Daniel Chun
  • A brief synopsis – When Robert California drunkenly closes the Binghamton branch, other branches, and Andy fight for the remaining clients.  Pam is forced to figure out what Robert said to Nellie on a voice mail, along with Angela, Gabe, etc.  Sadly, now  Nellie thinks she has an office friend in Pam.  Andy gets together with David Wallace…seemingly inevitably.
  • The best line – Harry (from Syracuse branch): Where the hell are Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute?  Erin, turning to Jim and Dwight: Jim, Dwight, what are your last names?
  • 2nd best line – Andy: My wireless password is “EatPrayLove.” Easy to remember.
  • 3rd best line – Jim: The salesmen have a commission cap, but we’ve figured out a way around it.  Dwight: Lloyd Gross is a fictional salesman we invented to, how do I put this, steal from the company.  Embezzle.  To commit fraud.  Jim: Okay, it sounds sketchy, but, it helps us get more money.
  • The best moment –  Andy making a big flaming pile of cherries jubilee over homemade gelato for the office.
  • The best story line – Andy, gaining traction with David Wallace.
  • Notable guest appearance – Chris Bauer as Harry
  • Grade – A-

Good episode that could be great.  Bauer is an excellent change of pace to Tate.  It’s a nice idea and consistent with the character to have California start to bring the company down before he makes his exit.  Bringing Wallace back is another stroke of brilliance and a good change of pace to see him interact with Andy differently than he would with Michael.  It’s still a little awkward, but not stupidly so.  Jim and Dwight working together and creating Lloyd Gross to get more money is a true extension for both.  I enjoy this episode much more for what it bodes for the future as compared to what happens.

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