• The Writers – Mark Farrell, Paul Mather
  • Director – Rob King
  • A brief synopsis – Lacey is desperate to have a column in the town newspaper, The Howler, but they’d rather have just about anyone else.  A change to the Roman symbol for Male and Female on the restroom doors has everyone going to the wrong room.  Karen works on a cold case involving graffiti on the Water Tower.
  • The best line – Brent: I switched the signs back.  The men’s room is once again the men’s room.  
    Hank: How’m I supposed to eat in there now?  
    Brent: How am I supposed to forget you said that?
  • 2nd best line – Oscar: Well that’s the problem with kids.  Sure they’re gonna experiment with booze.  But by the time you’re 13, you should be able to hold your liquor.  I always told Brent, “You too drunk to drive you call.  I’ll come right away…and kick your-“
  • The best moment – (above) Hank contesting that he did not have a mullet the year they graduated, and then recommending that Karen describe him according to his H.S. Yearbook photo.
  • The best storyline – All of the story lines worked.  Karen’s was best, though.
  • Notable guest appearance – Julie Stewart as a Paint Store “forensic Scientist” helping Pelly crack the case of the graffiti.
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Karen solved the mystery.  This was her episode.
  • Grade – A

This is the first episode where everything comes together.  The story lines are awesome, and the execution is even better.  The mixture of genius and idiot is exquisite.  There are so many memorable moments, it would be hard to write about all of them.  The Agatha Christie-like solution to the mystery works on every level.  That and the bathroom sign issue are two of the best plots yet.

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