• The Writer – Mark Farrell
  • Director – Henry Sawrer-Forner
  • A brief synopsis – Lacey’s ex-fiance comes to town and everyone completely mis-interprets the visit.  Emma lays down the law to get Oscar to go to the doctor.  Karen practices using her new billy club.  Several folks get a view of the town’s new interrogation room.
  • The best line – Lacey: Brent, Davis just hauled Stephen off in the police car.  Brent: He has to go to the doctor?
  • The best moment – Karen and Davis turn on the lights to drive…about 20 feet.  Right out of the files of Police Squad.
  • The best storyline – Hank and Oscar come up with the exact same idea: to give Lacey’s ex “a good old-fashioned beating.  To pretend to sacrifice him to the crops.”  This formulates into getting him arrested…just because.
  • Notable guest appearance – Peter Oldring as Stephen.
  • Em’s Favorite Character – I like Stephen and Brent, when they share the Chili Hot Dog.
  • Grade – B+

A great episode in all ways, especially the seeming cosmic connection between Oscar and Hank.  The many variations of ’70’s television characters emanating from confusion about The Night Stalker is as effective as any of their word mix ups.  Brent’s cutaway dream scenes are pretty awesome, as indicated above.  The open is wonderful too, with Wanda giving a rundown of all the education she has, then, after being asked how she ended up here, says:

The last girl quit.  Can you believe it?

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