• The Writer – Chris Finn
  • Director – Rob King
  • A brief synopsis – Oscar gets less than he expects when he tries to return some empty bottles, and he takes his issue to the police…then everyone in town.  Brent’s semi-successful cousin comes to town and ends up in a talent show with Brent.  Davis is irritated that Karen refuses to act in the show with him.  Lacey overcomes her hesitation and decides to be a judge for the show.
  • The best line – Fitzy’s Grandma:  With him the customer was always number one.  Oscar always treated people with great respect.  Oscar (walking behind Fitzy’s Grandma and pointing at her): Hey Jackass, stop talking to this old wing nut and pump my gas!  (She rolls her eyes) Brent: Well, he’s a people person…
  • The best moment – Gotta go with Karen’s entry into the talent show.
  • The best storyline – This episode is all Oscar.  His quest for justice takes the cake…from everyone in town.
  • Notable guest appearance – Mike Wilmot as Cousin Carl, Dale Wilson as the Man from Glad in Brent’s “Happy Place.”
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Karen was the best because of her Dummy Davis.
  • Grade – A-

One of the great episodes featuring Oscar.  We get to see his absolute unwillingness to see reason, coupled with an opportunism quite rare for someone who has such a small amount of self-awareness.  Brent and Carl’s antagonism, while cliché, is handled deftly.  We get to say goodbye just about the time we feel like Brent does about him.  As for Karen, this is a major episode for her, as we finally get to see her wicked side in full effect.  We like it.  A lot.

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