• The Writers – Mark Farrell and Paul Mather
  • Director – Trent Carlson
  • A brief synopsis – A mosquito infestation in the town has Oscar hanging around the house too much.  Emma orders Brent to take him on at the station.  Brent, then orders Wanda to get him to work there for free.  Lacey really wants to contribute something to the Time Capsule that Karen and Davis are coordinating.  Everyone is having a problem with Lacey’s new carafe.  Hank, apparently immune to the mosquitos becomes the object of an experiment with Lacey and everyone else who does not want to be bitten.
  • The best line –  Oscar: In my day you could get sugar in your gum.  Made you stronger.  Prepared you for the real world.
  • The 2nd best line – Hank (to Lacey): I’m not listening.  We all have a certain amount of brain space and I’m saving mine for important stuff.
  • The best moment – When Wanda yells to the open air for Oscar to knock it off and go outside.
  • The best storyline –  Hank’s sudden popularity in the town is genius.
  • The 2nd best storyline – “Tell Wanda I’ll be at the Ruby.”  The rallying cry for Oscar working back at Corner Gas.
  • Notable guest appearance – Well, they say there are a lot of mosquitos in the episode, but I am not too sure I saw them.
  • Em’s Favorite Character –  Hank, because of his hat.
  • El’’s Favorite Character – Brent.  Because “What coffee?”  and Hank because of his hat.
  • Grade – A+

Sublime episode with incredible timing and excellent character interplay.  The reactions to Oscar’s absence is almost more fun than when he is there.  The use of the poorly presented mosquitoes is incredible, as it feeds every story line.  The puzzle with its blue sky is ridiculously true.

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