• The Writers – Mark Farrell and Paul Mather
  • Director – Jeff Beesly
  • A brief synopsis – Hank is unable to stay at his place, and Brent tries to avoid following up on his offer to house his buddy.  Lacey is convinced to convince a young doctor to stay in the town.  Brent has a run of good luck trying to get rid of a $100 bill that may or may not be fake.
  • The best line – Brent: This is like a magic hundred.  And you wouldn’t believe the amount of stuff I’ve gotten out of buying.  Wanda: Don’t you think people are going to figure out that you’re trying to get stuff for free?  Brent: But I’m not.  I’m offering perfectly legal tender.  Wanda: That you think might be fake!  Brent: Yeah but what do I know?  Wanda: When you’re right, you’re right.  (Brent nods in agreement and then reconsiders.)
  • The best moment – Lacey recruiting Hank to explain all the misconceptions that the Doctor has acquired during her visit.
  • 2nd best moment – Brent trying to answer Lacey’s question of “How do I look?” with Wanda’s help.
  • The best storyline – Hank’s lament while trying to find a place to stay, culminating with his attempts at understanding Karen and Davis’s trick questions.
  • Notable guest appearance –  Aurora Browne as the small town doctor.
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Lacey, because she thought that she was dressing “flirty.”
  • El’s Favorite Character –  Brent and Lacey because of the way that Brent tried to describe how she was dressed.
  • Grade – A

A remarkable episode not for the story line of the doctor who’s smaller town than Dog River, but rather the exceptional writing that sets the show apart from other sitcoms.  Taking ordinary situation comedy ideas and making them extraordinary.  The whole episode is special, but the last 5 minutes pushes it into classic territory.  Special kudos go to Wanda and Emma, who own this episode in their usual subtle ways.

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