• Written & Directed by: Greg Daniels
  • A brief synopsis – Andy’s return from manager training has him looking to get back at Nellie.  “Dwight Jr.” (Clark Duke) and “Jim Jr.” (Jake Lacey) join the branch, immediately creating an issue for the originals.  Kevin spends his time with a turtle he rescued, while Oscar contemplates acquiring one of Angela’s cats.
  • The best line – Dwight: Jim, get ready for the battle of your life.  Jim: Done.  Explain. Dwight: The new guys.  Dwight Jr. is after my job.  Yeah, there is a shark hiding inside of that adorable little cherub.  Jim: Oh, now I get what Pete was talking about at the sales meeting yesterday.  Dwight:  Wait…sales m-?  What sales meeting?  Jim: The new guys called one.  Dwight: The new guys called a sales meeting?  Jim: Clark ended the whole thing with a karate demonstration.  Did you know there was a belt above black?  Dwight: There’s no belt above black. Jim: No?  Dwight: Is there a belt above black?  Jim: You should ask him.  It’s a color you would never expect.  (Dwight takes off in a rush).
  • 2nd best line – Dwight (to Pam’s suggestion of using Phyllis as a counterweight): I can’t use Phyllis!  Are you kidding me?   The moment she steps off this bar I’ll be launched into space!  Gosh! You’re so insensitive.
  • The best moment –  When Dwight Jr. offered to take the nickname “Fart” over “Dwight Jr.”
  • The best story line – I like the new guys.  I hope they stick around.
  • Key exit(s) – Kelly Kapoor (looking forward to The Mindy Project) and Ryan (don’t let the door hit you or your writing ability on the way out).
  • Notable guest appearance –  Jake Lacey and Clark Duke…ever since Hot Tub Time Machine, I’ve been waiting for Duke to meet Dwight.
  • Grade – B

The episode may well have been called “Jim’s Lament” for all the looks of longing he gives his reaction to his 9 year run on hold.  Kelly is off to Miami (of Ohio) to marry the guy from Heroes.  Ryan has gone after her.  As much as I will miss her, the show has had Ryan about 4 (maybe 5) years too long.  Nellie is still here, and now the object of Andy’s ridicule.  She’s not any more appealing that way, and he loses something in the process too.  Oscar loses something in his dalliance with the Senator, but that whole relationship with Angela is a mess.  Kevin gets good face time with the turtle, and Dwight, of course, over reacts to everything.  His unending attempts at the wire were entertaining.  The bicycle on  a rope was harrowing, if over done.  I love the new guys, but I think I said that.  Hoping that Jim’s decision means some tension for he and Pam.  They need it and then they need to move away together…with the kids.

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