• Written by: Allison Silverman
  • Directed by: Matt Sohn
  • A brief synopsis – Jim and Pam get invited to Roy’s wedding and the toast leads to the awkward realization that they know everything about each other.  Nellie’s charity leads to an opportunity for Dwight to express himself. Clark is moving in on Ellie and Andy ends up falling for it.
  • The best line – Creed: I want to work with Jimmy Carter and help build gnomes.
  • 2nd best line – Darryl: I guess he (Andy) thought I’d be into the The Godfather because I am black.  Wrong!  I’m into The Godfather because I am a cinefile.  I like Scarface because I am black.
  • The best moment –  Toby playing his own game, showing his own knowledge about Pam.
  • The best story line – Clark’s got good moves and Pete’s got better ones.
  • Key exit(s) – Roy Anderson (David Denman), literally married off.  Nice exit to make him rich.
  • Notable guest appearance –  Roy again.
  • Grade – B

I am still not amused in the slightest with Nellie.  I really wanted Dwight to maim her.  Their story line was a bore.  It’s enough that Erin would fall for Clark’s ruse, but the way Andy brings Darryl and the rest of the crew along for the ride is kind of hard to believe.  Pete’s counter move is a nice tribute to early Jim, though.  Jim’s secret is being pushed along, kind of obvious.  It better be good.  It’s going to be tough to create tension in this not-quite victory lap, but they are doing what they can.

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