• Written by Jonathan Green & Gabe Miller
  • Directed by David Rogers
  • A brief synopsis – Erin turns to Dwight to teach her a new language to impress Andy’s family.  Pam works with Nellie to help her pass her driving test.  Andy discovers that he is related to Michelle Obama.  Darryl is developing skills as Andy’s Assistant Regional Manager, and Jim tells Pam what his aspirations are.
  • The best line – Dwight: Does anyone here have fermented mare’s milk?
  • 2nd best line – Stanley (to Pam): Do not care…
  • The best moment –  The intro with the other Jim.
  • The best story line – I love seeing how competent Darryl is.  The thought of him working with Jim in the future is enticing.
  • Key exit(s) – …waiting for Nellie to leave.
  • Notable guest appearance –  The made up language of the show Game of Thrones.
  • Grade – B+

Having Andy “related” to Michelle Obama is rooted in reality, as Ed Helms is a distant cousin.  Interesting that Nellie just outright lies about it, but the rest of that story line, just like everything between Andy and Nellie seems left over from Michael vs. Toby.  Pam and Nellie seems forced, but Dwight teaching Erin anything works well.  Clark and Pete are continuing to deliver the yuks as Andy’s personal applause squad.  The show needs more Darryl, though, even if it takes him away with Jim.

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