• The Writers – Paul Mather and Kevin White
  • Director – Wendy Hopkins
  • A brief synopsis – Lacey gets a load from the town for not knowing about the Air Show, and then staying open for it.  Brent’s station is shut down as they work on a “level 5” hazard, which gives him time to watch as Hank starts and runs a successful corn stand.  Fitzy pushes Davis and Karen to start a bike patrol.  This works well for Davis.  Karen has to work with Oscar to learn how to ride.
  • The best line – Oscar: Go ahead.  Make fun.  They shoot colored smoke out of the plane while you prop up your low self-esteem serving lousy coffee.  Lacey:  You think my coffee’s lousy?  Emma: No.  It’s actually pretty good.  Oscar: If you had more self-esteem, you’d know that.
  • The best moment – Oscar, literally coming out of nowhere to catch Karen falling down while trying to teach herself to ride.  Just like Nelson, only older and grouchier.
  • The best storyline – Lacey’s eternal struggle to fit in wins the day.
  • Notable guest appearance – Brian Dueck and Brad Grass as Snowbird Pilots.  Ian Black as the Jerky Guy.  Paul Mather as the Inspector.
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Karen, because she doesn’t know how to ride a bike and it connected to myself, because I didn’t know how to ride a two-wheeler until I was 9.
  • Grade –  A

Such an excellently written episode with Oscar and the grouch above going around shaming people for a variety of things.  A recurring theme of Lacey as the outsider gets a bigger than average play here, and it works.  That Karen does not even get credit for the bike idea that she introduced as a stupid idea is so typically CG.  Wanda selling out to Hank while Brent hits a bump in the road makes her such a mercenary, fitting her to a “T.”  Hank’s potentially great idea out of nowhere being motivated by his wish to get a loud radio for his failing truck could not fit him better.  Emma has several key moments that go unheralded as she, along with Davis and Wanda, provide the glue for the show.

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