• Written by Dan Sterling
  • Directed by John Krasinski
  • A brief synopsis – Andy’s family is now broke, and his brother (Josh Groban) is an alcoholic.  Kevin finds out something about The Senator and Oscar.  Dwight’s moment of glory on a radio call in show is upended by…you know.
  • The best line – Erin: So this is how your family came to America?
  • The best moment – The montage of Kevin bathroom “breaks.”
  • The best story line – I have to go with Dwight’s side of the phone call.  But only because everything else is worse.
  • Key exit(s) – I doubt this is the last time we see Grobin, but maybe.
  • Notable guest appearance –  We hear the voice of the CEO again.  Then there is Grobin…and HRG, but he’s not really special by now.
  • Grade – C

It’s just an uneven, lazy episode.  The radio show business was a stretch that went downhill the moment Nellie got involved.   The moment that we see her take on the talk show host voice, the willing suspension of disbelief is shattered.  It’s obvious that Tate is a troupe player and not some random saleswoman.  Oscar and The Senator are tiresome and at this point Angela’s constant victimization is deader than a dead horse left out in the rain, shot twice, hung and stabbed.  Andy and Erin’s storyline has the potential for sweetness and head’s right for stupid.  The show needs to be better to make this last season an event instead of a result.

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