• Written by Carrie Kemper
  • Directed by Rodman Flender
  • A brief synopsis – Dwight gets etiquette lessons on dealing with a woman client from Pam.  Angela enlists Oscar to help her catch the person her husband is cheating with.  Toby starts a trend to commemorate “Movember.”  Andy checks in from his boat trip with his brother via Skype.

    Carrie and her better known sister
  • The best line – Pam: Do you have any other pictures of Astrid?  Jan: Fine.  I will show you one…slideshow.
  • 2nd Best Line – Erin: Eat it, Stanley!
  • The best moment – Pam is Dwight’s friend.  Touching.
  • The best story line – Jan is the target for the sale?  Pretty cool…and erratic.  Like Jan.
  • Key exit(s) – Jan?  Really, she should be back with this storyline.
  • Notable guest appearance –  Melora Hardin as the dreaded (by now) Jan.  Carrie Kemper as Jan’s poor, female assistant.  She never had a chance.
  • Grade – B+

An exceptionally written episode (by Ellie’s sister, Carrie) that overcomes the horrible story arc of Oscar, Angela and Senator HRG.  We get an excellent sub-plot of Toby actually being part of something.  Jim reaching a crisis point is promising, as it helps us to prep for his eventual departure.  We are approaching the end of the show, to be sure.  Dwight, Pam and Jan (along with Clark) is the most promising storyline in years.  Dwight’s training sequence even keeps Nellie in line and somewhat humorous.  With Nellie, though, less is more.  Andy is conveniently placed to the side after a good, but not great open.  Really, what is the point in making Andy’s brother enough of a jerk to insist on all the sunblock?  Erin is given some great moments (like shouting at Stanley in the bathroom).  Really, Carrie Kemper is the best writer since the departure of Kaling.

Last and certainly least…the illicit affair.  At least Angela’s eyes are open for once.  Make it end, please.

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