Will and Brent

  • The Writers – Brent Butt & Kevin White
  • Director – Rob De Lint
  • A brief synopsis – Brent gets the cold shoulder from Oscar and Emma when he suggests that they should get a will.  Hank tries to help.  Wanda does not.  Karen and Davis debate over how to spend the budget.  Their choice has an effect on the town.  Lacey creates a set of rules to govern the billboard and it does not have the effect that she would hope.
  • The best line – Brent (pushing his way into a booth with Hank as Lacey serves coffee): Well that was kind of awkward.  Hank: Well these booths are kind of tight and you’re not as thin as you used to – Brent: No.  I just overheard my parents what I’m getting when they, uh…You know. Hank: Celebrate your birthday? Lacey: I think he meant pass away, Hank.  Hank: Wha? (looking with disgust). What kind of birthday present is that?
  • The best moment – Determining the executor of Emma and Oscars will with Hank.
  • The best storyline – Lacey wins the day with the bulletin board material.
  • Notable guest appearance –  n/a
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Karen, because she told Davis that he was wasting money, then she bought a bunch more stuff.
  • Grade – A-

A solid effort with incredible scripted wordplay.  The skill these players show is unparalleled at this point.  Often many people have key comic moments in the same scene.  A prime example is just before Hank congratulates Brent for getting his parents to talk about getting the will and Lacey, Hank and an old woman talk about the rules being posted on the rules board.  Brent shows just the right amount of confusion to make this all work.  The imagination flash scenes are a particularly awesome.  This show is without peer.

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