• Written by Jonathan Green & Gabe Miller
  • Directed by Kelley Cantley
  • A brief synopsis – Jim reaches a crisis point with the new company just in time to miss a big event with the family.  Darryl’s move to the new company is resisted by Dwight.  Pete and Erin are revealed to the rest of the staff.  We get to see some of the makers of the documentary.
  • The best line – Pete: Come on, guys.   Where is this (rumor) even coming from?  Kevin:  Your feelings for Erin?  Probably your heart…and a little bit your penis.
  • The best moment – Nellie remembering that she had a “moment” with Toby, weeks later, after his continued amorous advances on her.
  • 2nd best moment – Milkshake vs. Old Dork.
  • The best story line – I certainly am amused that Toby’s love is hard to remember, but ending up with Nellie would be a nice resolution for both.
  • Key exit(s) –  None.
  • Notable guest appearance –  We get to see two of the film crew, and some of Jim’s new company, AthLead.
  • Grade – B+

It’s an episode with some powerful moments, some retread, and some questionable introductions.  The last moments between Jim and Pam are as well acted as anything seen on the series to this point.  The development was certainly telegraphed, but well done nonetheless.  Toby finally seems to give the Nellie experiment a purpose, even if now it is played for laughs.  Her tweaks with the Pete and Erin combination is good for the revelation that their flirting is as obvious to the rest of the staff as it is to the viewer.  Dwight’s attempts at winning over Darryl seems labored, until Dwight gets hit by the milkshake.  Breaking the 4th wall like they do is questionable at this point.  The prospect of Pam seeking a boom operator for support borders on ruination of the project.  The intro with the holy grail is a classic.

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