The Office - Season 9

  • Written by – Halsted Sullivan & Warren Lieberstein
  • Directed by – Jesse Peretz
  • A brief synopsis – Dwight and Angela are the finalists in a paper airplane contest.  Jim and Pam keep working on their relationship with helpful tips from the counselor.  Andy still trying to become an actor.  Clark vs. Erin turns ugly.
  • The best line – Kevin – Use less paste.
  • The best moment – Creed throws a cantaloupe.
  • The best story line – So many bad ones…Clark vs. Erin was least bad…sort of.
  • Notable guest appearances – Roseanne, once more.
  • Key exit(s) –  The enthusiasm of the cast, writers and director.
  • Grade – D-

One of the worst episodes ever has everyone retracing old steps in the hope of finding inspiration.  It’s clear that they are waiting for the end, pushing stories along a half-inch at a time, and the effect is about as clever as Toby with an eye patch.  Roseanne Barr forcing a Kinison-like agent is a misfire, and I am tired of the back and forth with Dwight and Angela, Jim and Pam.  The viewer can’t help but feel like Darryl, forced to go with Andy to another fruitless venture.  In the end, the show is like Jim, and we are like Pam.  The hug is there, but the love is forced.  I feel like Homer Simpson, banging on the TV: “Be more funny.”

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