Tree's a Crowd

  • The Writers – Brent Butt and Paul Mather
  • Director – Mark Farell
  • A brief synopsis – Brent and Hank find that their old tree house infested with a new crop of kids,  who run them off.  This starts a war to reclaim their lost fort.  Davis tries to pin Wanda down with the authority vested in him, with surprising results.  Lacy adds Kung-Fu to the list of activities she is bad at.  Oscar encounter’s an old friend.
  • The best line – Emma: The last thing Oscar fixed was breakfast and he broke the toaster…and we weren’t even having toast.
  • 2nd best line – Wanda: Good work, Starsky. (see below)
  • The best moment – Davis action rolling over the car in efforts to catch a  dine n dasher.
  • The best storyline – Wanda’s literal escapades with Davis.
  • Notable guest appearance –  Shirley Douglas as an old high school friend looking to rekindle something that had not been kindled in the first place.
  • Em’s Favorite Character – Wanda, because she kept getting out of whatever Davis thought he had her in.
  • El’s Favorite Character – Lacey, because she was learning Kung Fu.
  • Grade – A

One episode where everyone has a good to great story line, especially Wanda.  There is not a wasted moment here and several clever tracking shots, like when Wanda needs ice.  Brent and Hank’s tree house debacle rings familiar and harmless.  Only they could get into a war with kids and make it seem real.  Emma and Oscar touch on an area neither are exposed to very often: romance.  I love the way that Karen protests Lacey’s use of the words Kung Fu.    Top notch effort, all around.

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