AARM The Office

  • Written by – Brent Forrester
  • Directed by – David Rogers
  • A brief synopsis – Jim convinces Dwight to hold tryouts for the Assistant to the Assistant to the Regional Manager.  Angela has no choice but to bring her kid to work after losing her daycare option.  Andy auditions for a TV reality show.
  • The best line – Dwight (on the merits of proposing to Esther): …genes so pure you could lick them.
  • Second best line – (Talking about the one thing) Dwight: …some sort of virus?  Jim: Love.
  • Third best line – Dwight: You’re a good assistant, Jim.  Jim: Not as good as you.
  • The best moment – Potential Future Nonsense.
  • The best story line – Oscar and Angela.
  • Notable guest appearances – Aaron Rogers, Clay Aiken, Mark McGrath, Santigold and Jessica St. Clair.
  • Key exit(s) –  Darryl?  But he left last week?  That’s the Irish Goodbye for you.
  • Grade – B-

Man, I am getting worn out of this breaking the third wall stuff.  By the time Jim asks the film crew for help, it became the straw that broke the camel’s back for that risk.  I guess 9 years of love is worth a music video with Snow Patrol, but I got more out of seeing tears form in Dwight’s eyes works as well, if not better.

Daryl coming back works, because many of us know people who would rather blow out-of-town without notice.  Of course, it too gets drawn into a wacked out dance number, and that is okay, too.  Andy in the A Capella line is on par with everything he’s done over the last two years: not as annoying as Michael, but only because it wasn’t drawn out as long.  Still, every moment with him and the nutjob (St. Clair) he’s in line with is a drag, and the forced cameos (really, Aaron Rodgers as a musical talent judge?).  At least there was no Roseanne.

Oscar and Angela have a nice routine, which is awkwardly combined with Dwight’s journey back to Angela and the baby for brevity’s sake.  Kevin’s jealousy for being ignored is a little too cute, but the $25 dollar Itunes gift card with about $7 on it is sublime.  Angela, after all of this time, seems the only one who is definitely changed from the first episode…of this year.  The proposal for Dwight and Angela works on all levels.

One more week to see what they can do.  It’s a lot of pressure, that the show seems to be crumbling under.  They want everything to work out.  And so do we.  The main problem with these episode, is that the storylines are necessary to complete the show.  But they would not be so if it were to go on.  I know I would be happier if they stayed…

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