The Office Final Season

  • Written by – Greg Daniels
  • Directed by – Ken Kwapis
  • A brief synopsis – Dwight and Angela get married.  Everyone gets to do everything they ever wanted to do on a show.  Oh, and there are about 2000 guest stars.
  • The best line – Dwight: Michael, I can’t believe you came.  Michael: That’s what she said.
  • Second best line – Pete: Now everyone calls me “Plop.”  So, thanks, PBS.
  • Third best line – Meredith: A stripper’s only as good as his song.
  • Fourth best line – Dwight: A bazooka!  You remembered!
  • Fifth best line – Michael: I feel like all my kids grew up and then they married each other.  It’s every parent’s dream.
  • The best moment – Joan Cusack, Erin’s mom?  Women don’t like Pam?  Toby’s life is boring?  Creed…just Creed beats them all.
  • The best story line – Michael as bestest mench.
  • Notable guest appearances –  Mindy Kaling, B. J. Novak, Rachael Harris, Dakota Johnson, Joan Cusack, Ed Begley Jr., Malcolm Barret, Matt L. Jones, Andy Buckley, and Michael Schur.  And, of course, Steve and Nancy Carell.
  • Key exit(s) –  Everyone.
  • Grade – A

The Office - Season 9

It had to end.  And they did it justice.  Everyone is back.  Even the guy Michael fired in the first show.  It’s long, awkward (but not for Meredith and her son), but a success overall.  Combining the wedding with the panel allows for a very convenient and reasonable.  The way they bring back Michael is classy and it does not detract from the rest of the show.  Kelly and Ryan are as stupid as ever and that works, too.   Stanley and Phyllis are as affectionate as one would hope, but so are the rest of the gang.  The show was never just about Michael.  The success was in finding everyone else.  And we got away from Andy without too much of a commitment.

Beginning the ending with Pam’s self-assessment is key.  They understand who was watching.  Dwight’s assessment of Austin is awesome.  And the offer to stay in the barn is exquisite.

NBC deserves immense credit for carrying this show as it sunk into the abyss over the last two years.  It stayed at 9pm as a measure of respect that was deserved.  Now, with the finale, the show leaves it all on the court of a fan base that may have dwindled, but will someday come back for it.  It was a great way to end it.  Life will go on, and we have all this to show for it.  Take us home, Creed.

Good night, good luck and thank you.
Good night, good luck and thank you.


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