Legion brings us to the end of humanity…in a diner

Director: Scott Stewart

Cast: Paul Bettany, Lucas Black, Charles S. Dutton, Tyrese Gibson, Adrianne Palicki, Kate Walsh, Dennis Quaid, Kevin Durand

Written by: Peter Schink and Stewart

Rule #1527 – Lucas Black is a good actor that nobody knows.

Rule #1616- Never trust a diner that thinks a rare steak means still completely raw.

Rule #1617- Never trust an old lady named Gladys who will eat raw meat with flies all over it.

Rule#1643 – Charles S. Dutton is always the best thing about his movies.

Rule #1644 – The movies of Charles S. Dutton are always panned critically.

Rule #1842 – If Charles S. Dutton gives you an inspirational speech, you may die, but you will die valiantly.

Rule #2002 – Movies about besieged diners are required to have someone who is dumber than anyone you have ever met.

Rule #2003 – The closer Dennis Quaid gets to looking like his brother Randy, the worse it is for the movie.

Rule #2278 – Movies about Archangels and saviors play fast and loose with the facts.

Rule #2279 – Angel wings make real good defense against bullets, but not swords.

Rule #2280 – Only Kevin Durand could play a bad angel who is just following God’s orders.

Rule #3333 – A baby in a car without a car seat should do just fine if the car flips over 10 times.  So should the mom who just gave birth.

Rule #5666- Following God’s orders apparently means you need to show mercy, even when God is not doing so.

Rule #5667- If God gets tired of the b.s., make sure you have a lot of bullets.

Rule # 5875 – Paul Bettany is enough to carry any film.

**1/2 out of *****


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