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Category: 2.5 Stars

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Charley Varrick (**1/2) A simpler, more horrible time

Matthau’s line about this is better than any line in the film “I have seen it three times, and am of slightly better than average intelligence but I still don’t quite understand what’s going on. Is there a device we can use to explain to people what they’re seeing?”

2.5 Stars 0

Criterion: The Getaway (**1/2) slow and uneasy

Ultimately, I think this film only serves as a time capsule for what qualified for popular action in 1972. If I had a parallel for today, one could place something in the Fast and Furious franchise for its equivalent. Not sure we’ll ever see any of the FF movies on Criterion. This one shouldn’t be on here, anymore than Armageddon or The Rock.