The Office: Episode 1 – Pilot

  • The Writers – Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant (original), Greg Daniels
  • Director – Ken Kwapis
  • A brief synopsis – Our first glance at the branch, as seen through a documentary crew.  Downsizing is in the future for the branch, thanks to word from Jan Levinson-Gould.  Michael tries to pass it off as no big deal while introducing the temp, Ryan Howard, to the branch.  Jim and Pam are introduced as weary soldiers who are the highlight of each other’s days.
  • The best line – After receiving a command from Dwight to punish Jim for the Jell-O incident (above), Michael responds: “Ooh.  Discipline.  Kinky.”
  • The best moment – When Pam lets Michael stew after it is revealed in front of his boss, Jan, that he threw away the agenda for their Pam had given him earlier.
  • The best storyline – Jim and Pam…the romance starts here.
  • Notable guest appearance – Todd Packer as brilliantly portrayed by David Koechner, delivering “Does the carpet match the drapes” line via the phone during Michael’s meeting with Jan and Pam.
  • Grade – B+

As debuts go, this one is good in that it shows promise, but it not commit to anything.  Michael’s hair is a little on the thin side.  This is a situation remedied during season 2.  Almost everyone (but Kelly and Daryl) are in place.

One thought on “The Office: Episode 1 – Pilot

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