• The Writer – B.J. Novak
  • Director – Ken Kwapis
  • A brief synopsis – Corporate sends a diversity coach to Scranton Branch as a result of a slew of complaints after Michael does a Chris Rock routine.  Michael decides to hold his own Diversity Day session after the coach leaves.
  • The best line – Preceding a slap from Kelly Kapoor, Michael tries to show her how her people speak: “Would you like some cookie cookie!…Try my cookie cookie!”
  • The best moment – Watch Kelly’s eyes when Dwight reveals that Whites and Indians are among the races that he is sexually attracted to.
  • The best storyline – Jim’s failed efforts to get the biggest sale of the year are offset by Pam placing her head on his shoulder during the umpteenth meeting.
  • Notable guest appearance – Larry Wilmore as Mr. Brown, the diversity coach.  My only regret is they have not had him back.
  • Grade – B+

This episode was very funny for me at first viewing, but that there is barely more than one storyline limits its potential.  Kelly Kapoor makes a memorable first appearance, but her character, good here, changes spectacularly in Season 2.

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