• The Writer – Michael Schur
  • Director – Bryan Gordon
  • A brief synopsis – Dwight asks Jim to form an alliance.  Jim, sensing opportunity to make Dwight’s life hell, accepts.  Pam and Jim work really well together in the effort to make Dwight jump at shadows.  Michael throws a birthday party (one month early) to distract the branch from worrying about downsizing possibilities.
  • The best lines – Dwight: Did you tell Pam about the alliance?
    Jim: What? No.
    Dwight: Just now.
    Jim: What? Oh no no no. Dwight, no. I’m using her, for the alliance. Who knows the most information about this office? Pam.
    Dwight: Right, that’s good, good, pursue this.
    Jim: Well I’m trying to. Do you see what I’m doing?
    Dwight: Mmm hmm.
    Jim: But listen, I’m going to have to talk to her a lot. All right? And there may be chatting, and giggling. And you gotta just pretend to ignore it. Wipe it away.
    Dwight: Done.
    Jim: All right.
  • The best moment – Dwight in the box (above).
  • The best storyline – Who else?  Dwight and Jim, with an offshoot of Pam.
  • Notable guest appearance – First sighting of Daryl, staring incredulously as Dwight punches his way out of the box.
  • Grade – B

Good episode shows promise in the interweaving of story lines.  A solid push-off to the Dwight and Jim rivalry, one way as it is.  Michael’s lame attempts at humor (reading Meredith’s card) are a little annoying, which is a trend that will continue to be a detriment to the series.

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