The Office: Episode 3 – Health Care

  • The Writer – Paul Lieberstein
  • Director – Ken Whittingham
  • A brief synopsis – Jan tasks Michael with picking a heath plan…who subsequently tasks Jim, who deflects to Dwight.
  • The best line – Kevin’s response to Dwight’s accusations of false ailments: “Anal Fissures are real.”
  • The best moment – When Jim throws the keys that he just locked Dwight in the “work space” past Stanley’s head, he does not miss a beat in his phone conversation or flinch.
  • The best storyline – Michael’s quest to come up with a surprise.
  • Notable guest appearance – None
  • Grade – C+

This episode is good, but quite unrealistic.  Why would a corporation put the health plan in the hands of a branch manager?  No idea.

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